Come to Up and Coming's first meeting for the fall
on September 11th and join our new troupe of Detour actors!
We meet in Scottsdale on Mondays at 4pm

Featuring Songs and Scenes from a popular musical

Contact Sam to join the fun!

Up and Coming is designed for actors new to Detour or those actors who are a part of Detour but do not or are not capable of participation in the production classes. 

We have found there is a tremendous need for a program that uses the "team approach" of drama but does not have the pressure and/or "chaos" of a typical production class.  Many individuals just want to participate in theatre and drama games for the intrinsic benefits of doing play-making together.  These benefits are many - speech, vocal fluency and articulation, literacy (from reading lines), movement expression (with and without music) and all the rewards from working as part of a group in a noncompetitive setting.

Weekly classes follow a pedagogy of theatre activities from beginning movement, focus, group games to more intricate (but adapted) choreography, scene work and improvisation.

May 2017 - Scenes from Grease, The Musical

​photos courtesy of Cheswick Photography